What Is It Like Selling At Flea Markets?

The thought of selling at flea markets use to be dreadful. Having to wake up at ridiculously early times, waiting in lines to get in (looking at you Rosebowl and Long Beach Antique Market) and the stress of having to find our space and either configure our car into our space or leaving our merch behind to go find a parking space. Then having spend an hour setting up your space, selling for 8-9 hours, breaking down your space and finally loading it into your and driving home. However, as time went on and my level went from a noobie to these big markets to an old head, my perspective has changed entirely!

The specific market that did it for me was Melrose Trading Post (MTP) in Los Angeles, CA. This flea market is no ordinary market because it is in the hub of trendy new fashion in L.A. Over the past five years this market has turned into a central hub of young and influential people including celebrities, actors, models instagram influencers and many more cultural leaders. MTP is located between Melrose Ave and Fairfax Ave, two super trendy spots in L.A. when it comes to young peoples fashion, and as a vendor it is so exciting! Completely changing my perspective of what a flea market is and can be. MTP has incorporated community and a fun hub for people to unite and spend there Sunday mornings and afternoons. The market allows you to network like crazy too. The amount of interesting artistic tourists from all parts of the world or influencers, models, or hippies I meet a these markets allow my perspective to expand. Also, entrepreneurs bring me to my next point, a lot of the vendors I sell with are amazing kind people that have become some of my closest friends here in Los Angeles.

As a 24 year old who craves success it has always been my goal to find and surround myself with like minded people who yearn the comforts and financial security of owning a success business, and this is exactly what I found at markets like these. With a mix of all ages from 25-60 these vendors, who have become my friends, put so much time into running there business that it energizes and excites me to keep moving forward with my business as well! What use to be something I dreaded has become something I get excited for and look forward to throughout the week.

Unfortunately, a lot of the markets are closed at the moment due to Covid, but they are opening up! I'm ready to start seeing my friends and enjoying my weekends selling to all sorts of unique and kind individuals!!

Until next time,